Cavity Wall Tie Replacement

Wall tie replacement in Devon

As with any aspect of property maintenance, wall damage  due to corroded ties is easier to correct the earlier it is discovered. Caity walls rely on the metal ties for their structural integrity. Older houses or those in exposed or coastal locations may be more at risk.

Wall repairs by experts

Regular horizontal cracks in your walls can be indicative of wall tie corrosion as the ties can expand up to 7 times their original size thus lifting the brickwork. If you have reason to believe that your walls might be in need of repair then Exe Terminators and Co Ltd will be able to offer you a second opinion and help with any repairs that are needed. 

wall after damp control

Wall reinforcement

Changing stresses and ground movement can cause cracks to appear in your wall's masonry. Using a Thor Helical reinforcement system we are able to provide full wall reinforcement to ensure that these cracks pose no further problems.
Cellar waterproofing

Cavity wall tie replacement services

The wall ties that bond the inner and outer layers of brick or block walls are essential for the structural stability and therefore safety of the wall especially under lateral wind load. The ties are made from galvanised (zinc coated) mild steel vertical twist ('fishtail' style) or wire ('butterfly' style). Prior to 1930 the ties were not galvanised and between 1964 and 1981 the British Standard for the weight of galvanising was actually reduced as it was thought the coatings were excessive!
Replacement stainless steel ties must be carefully selected to suit the type and condition of brick or block.
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