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Rising damp prevention in Devon

We offer expert honest advice on all aspects of damp from condensation to penetrating and rising damp. We offer the latest most effective products including SafeguardDryzone and Dryrods.

Dedicated damp proofing services

Without any kind of barrier, moisture seeps slowly upwards through materials through capillary action. To prevent this, it is important to have a complete, impermeable barrier to ensure that any moisture is halted before it can cause any damage. However it is vital a thorough survey is undertaken to rule out condensation, penetrating damp or even a pike leak. 

Sometimes damp proof courses can become damaged, allowing moisture access. In other cases older properties may have been built without any kind of damp proofing. In either case, Exe Terminators & Co. Ltd will ensure that rising damp is stopped using the latest most effective products such as Dryrods.

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Why stop rising damp?

Preventing rising damp will put a stop to wall related damage that moisture can cause. This includes peeling wallpaper, crumbling plaster and decay to skirting board or floors.
We also provide cellar waterproofing.
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Damp proofing

Rising dampness can occur due to the breakdown of an existing slate or bitumen damp course but in older properties many were never constructed with a damp course and as a result moisture is allowed to rise in the walls by capillary action.

Internal render and plaster begins to breakdown and as the moisture evaporates away from the surface, it leaves deposit of 'salts' some of which are hygroscopic and absorb moisture. In addition, rising dampness is most often the principal cause of fungal decay in skirting boards and ground floor timbers. 
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