Woodworm beetle treatment in Devon

Have you noticed any unwanted visitors who have taken up residence in your timber? Woodworm is a relatively common problem in which wood-boring larvae of various species of beetles chew their way through the interior of wooden items. These wooden items can be furniture, decorative or even the timber structure of your home.
Some species of woodworm can exist in the timber for up to 10 years before emerging. Meaning that, the first indication that there is a problem can mean that it has already been a decade in the making.

About Woodworm

The most common wood boring insect attack in soft wood structural timbers, plywood and furniture is the 'Common Furniture Beetle' which accounts for over three quarters of all forms of woodworm infestation in Britain. The first signs of woodworm in timber are the neat round exit holes, about 2mm across which are, if active, accompanied by small piles of white/cream wood dust beneath the holes. One of the best known beetles is the 'Death Watch Beetle'. It has the same life cycle as the furniture beetle, but the grub is much larger (4mm) and burrows through the wood for anything up to 10 years. Death Watch Beetle primarily attacks hardwoods, such as oak beams. Frequently found in sapwood and timbers that have suffered damp penetration or fungal decay.

Another common woodworm beetle is the Wood Boring Weevil which again attacks timbers that have suffered from damp penetration and fungal decay. Susceptible timbers to this infestation are ground floor timbers in close proximity to damp walls and earth oversights.


Woodworm control

Exe Terminators and Co Ltd is able to offer effective woodworm treatments. The woodworm life cycle is dependent on the grubs pupating and emerging as adults. By killing them before this happens, no new eggs will be laid, halting the problem entirely.
woodworm crawling out

Woodworm Prevention

Prevention is better than cure, as they say. As well as offering woodworm treatment, we will be able to advise you on the best methods of preventing any repeat occurrence. Let us help you to keep your home woodworm free.

You can also contact us for damp proofing and cellar waterproofing. For further information, get in touch with us.
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